(( foxy-grandparome -» sassy-gay-grandpa))

(( needed a change cause this blog was gettin old real fast. Now I’m a sassy gay grampa at yer service. ;D ))

Anonymous whispered: No, I hate you.

How can anyone hate me?? D’: 

askandorra-chan-deactivated2013 whispered: Hola grandpa Rome~!!^w^ I'm Andorra and I always wanted to talk to you, but I was very little when you were gone >< I hope you're all right now~ I always looked up at you since you're very strong and handsome :3 I'm so jealous of Romano and Veneziano that they know you closely >3<

Ah, hello Androrra! :D I am doing quite well, but everything is so confusing now a days… = 3 =

Who is awake to keep me company tonight? ;)
askcosplayfemspain whispered: I think I need a hug. *persistant looking*

A hug? How could I deny such a pretty face! *hugs*

mamagaul whispered: Hallo...-The Gallic child averted her eyes-

Ah Hello! Why do you look away ne~? 

Things that keep Rome up at night:


“How can I be so sexy and SURVIVE?”

“I need to pee, but I’m covered in so many naked people, I can’t get up…”

“What if my grandchildren explode from their own cuteness?!”

ask-spainandromanos-daughter-de whispered: Great grandpa Rome! *runs up and hugs* I didn't know you had a tumblr! *smiles*

MORE grandchildren? Ah, Hello there~~ 

Anonymous whispered: I hate you. I hate you sooooo much. -Ottoman Empire

But everybody loves me!

thegreatgermania whispered: oh ughh it's you -facepalms-